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With rich cultural heritage to boot and several attractions to explore, Indianapolis is a destination not to be missed. This is especially true when one can find amazing hotel deals in the city easily.

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Affectionately known as Indy, Indianapolis is a vibrant city to say the least. Modern and attractive, the city receives all kinds of visitors, from leisure vacationers to business tourists and everyone in between. As such, the city offers a multitude of accommodations to the tourists irrespective of whether the time of the year that they come in. Luxury hotel accommodations in the city offer a whole array of impressive amenities like high-speed Internet access, spa services, fitness centers and welcoming pet policies. These apart, there are many mid-range and cheap budget hotels, too. Log onto to choicehotelstay, a leading online portal for hotel booking, and make a hotel reservation right from the convenience of your home or office.

We offer a plethora of choices to pick from. There are many other lodging options existing the city as well. These include bed and breakfasts, inns and suites, vacation homes, rental apartments, motels and guesthouses and more!