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Vibrant and charming, always, the city of Saint Louis makes for an interesting vacation destination. Explore what the city has to offer and stay at any of the many budget hotel accommodations available here!

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An independent city in the state of Missouri, Saint Louis receives both leisure vacationers and business travelers in equal numbers. Finding an appropriate accommodation in the city is no hard task, given the plenty of choices. Strewn across the city of Saint Louis, are hotels that range from super-luxurious to luxurious, mid-range to cheapest. A full-service hotel apart, visitors can also choose from an exciting assortment of other lodging options that include cozy bed and breakfasts, elegant inns and suites, apartments-on-rent, motels, vacation homes, campgrounds and more! There are more than 39,000 hotel rooms located throughout the metropolitan region, and 8,000 within the revitalized St. Louis downtown.
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