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The capital of the United States offers interesting sees and intriguing dos as well. Washington DC is not just known for the history and the iconic White House, but several other notable sites, too. Hotels of all kinds are readily available and so are the several vacation possibilities.

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Formally referred to as the ‘District of Columbia’, the city of Washington, DC replete with attractions galore. Something to entice each and every kind of visitor, lone travelers, family vacationers, history lovers and those that have a passion for culture and heritage, DC offers a satisfying experience each time you visit it. And, given the fact that it has endless number of intriguing things to see and do, merely one visit to the it won’t suffice. The charm and the vibrancy found here always urges its first time tourists to plan a repeat vacation here. Apart from the many art galleries, museums, heritage and ethnic points of interest and excellent shopping scene that the city offers, there are quite a few prominent attractions that define tourism in Washington, DC. These landmarks include the Arlington National Cemetery, Jefferson Memorial, Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial, National Archives, Smithsonian institution, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, National Mall, Vietnam’s Veteran Memorial, Washington Monument, and of course the very famous White House.
Washington, DC is certainly a place with fascinating natural beauty that offers quite a feast to the human senses. One can book a discounted excursion of the city that covers all prominent attractions or can choose to sightsee various famous points in the city on their own. Both activities will be equally satisfying in terms of encountering varied experiences and more! There are a wonderful variety of weekend getaways close to Washington, DC. Take your pick from the following, Baltimore and Annapolis in Maryland, Eastern Shore in Virginia, Colonial Williamsburg, Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, and Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County in Maryland.